Raise The Funds You Need
for Your Jewish Project

Raise The Funds You Need
for Your Jewish Initiative

We will work with you on your campaign page, including media and branding to turn viewers into your new funders.

Building Your Campaign Page

We will create a personal strategy for your campaign based on your particular case. You will get a clear plan for what to do at every stage.

Creating Your Personal Game Plan

We will introduce new potential funders, who care about Jewish related causes to your cause along with your existing network.

Expanding Your Reach

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Are you ready to take the actions needed to raise the funds to strengthen our community?

Start now. Launch when you are ready.
We'll be there at every step to guide you.

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How Does it Work?

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We want to share with you what we learned from helping over 300 individuals and orgranizations raise more than $2,000,000

5 Keys to Raising Money Online
for Your Jewish Project

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Expand your funders list and get new ones

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A simple and free 5-step guide for you to use based on helping more than 300 projects raise over $2,000,000.

Our experts will teach you in one hour how you can raise the funds you need to strengthen our community.

Learn in 3 minutes how Jewcer is different than any other platform you've considered using to raise funds.

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